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Curriculum and Programs

Fine Arts

Community Christian Academy has joined the Sunshine State Association of Christian School (SSACS) to compete in Fine Arts. Fine Arts includes competition in music, art, and academics. The goal of Fine Arts is to honor the Lord and to encourage students to develop their God-given talents for service in ministry. It is an opportunity for our students to achieve academic, artistic, and spiritual excellence while promoting good Christian fellowship among schools of like faith and practice.

Athletic Program

Volleyball – Basketball – Flag-football

7th – 12th

Homeschoolers can participate if enrolled in one class.

Music Program

CCA offers special music classes for K-12th grade!

K5-2nd – Music Appreciation

3rd-4th – Music Theory

5-6th – Band

Band Electives for 7th-12th.

Drama Club

CCA offers a drama club with a dinner theatre in the spring. There has been sold-out audiences each year! Some of our featured plays have been Little Women, The Secret Case of Sherlock Holmes, and The Hiding Place.


Using Abeka's biblically base and proven textbooks and curriculum gives you and your children consistency and quality.

Bob Jones University

BJU Press provides educational materials written from a biblical worldview that focuses on academic rigor and encourages critical thinking – all supported by appropriate educational technology. Using Bob Jones and Abeka in our 7th-12th Grades offers the best aspects of each curriculum.